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Amazon seller suspension appeals

One moment, you are in business and taking orders, and the next moment, your find your Amazon account suspended or deactivated with little or no notice and your  Amazon selling privileges removed. It’s time to get it back!  Our Amazon appeal service is the best.

Multiple/ Related Amazon Seller Account Appeals

Having more than one Amazon seller account or being related to a person or company that has more than one Amazon seller account without a legitimate reason is grounds for suspension. .

Verification Suspension Amazon Appeals

Amazon will put you through the verification process when you first open an account and anytime you change something on your account. Avoid or fight suspension with the professionals who got your back!

Forged/ manipulated documentation

This is an issue  that has seen many sellers suspended and Amazon is in the process of cracking down. Be careful, when Amazon asks you for documentation to authenticate products.

​Inauthentic item suspensions

Whether you have invoices or not, with a good plan of action written by an Amazon attorney, you can succeed to reinstate your Amazon account. 

IP law for Amazon sellers

If you face an intellectual property infringement, our Amazon lawyers can write an Amazon infringement appeal and letter to the rights holder demanding a retraction, and prepare a well-drafted  Amazon intellectual property rights infringement appeal.

Amazon ASIN Reinstatement

Amazon will deactivate a listing for many different reasons.  We are there to help you with the right plan of action to reactivate your ASIN. 

Amazon Account Suspended for Fraud or illegal activity

Amazon will suspend a seller account often without notice when it suspects the account was used for fraud or illegal activity. Our team will help you uncover why.,

Amazon seller account hacked

When hackers hack into your account Amazon will also suspend it. Now it is up to you to show Amazon you have made your seller account hack proof. We can help!

Amazon listing hijackers

Counterfeiters or hijackers can ruin your listing, take away your business and bring down your product ratings.  Let’s work together to eliminate counterfeiters & listing hijackers.

DMCA takedown & counter-notices

As DMCA experts we can assist you in taking down listings that violate your copyrights, or reinstating listings on which you’ve been wrongfully accused of copyright infringement. 

Amazon arbitration

When Amazon refuses to pay you your hard earned sales proceeds or for the value of lost or damaged FBA inventory, we can sue Amazon in arbitration for you.

Customer Condition Complaint Suspensions (ODR)

Get a professionally written plan of action, with unlimited amendments and any escalation you may need to higher management should your appeal be denied.

Defending Buyer Complaints

Amazon will always favor the customer over you and that is why you need us in your corner when buyers complain of inauthentic items, order defects, or late shipping

Review Manipulation Suspensions

Amazon prohibits creating reviews well as offering any type of incentive, discount or reward in exchange for a review.  Resolve your suspension with our plan of action.

Sales Velocity Suspensions

If you’re required to furnish Amazon with enough information about your business, history and recent sales to give them a comfort level, you can resolve this by appeal.

Price Gouging/ Fair Pricing Appeals

In order to reactivate your account on Amazon, you must make a proper appeal that assures Amazon you will comply with their fair pricing policies in the future.

COVID-Related Products

Amazon has imposed restrictions on certain types of prodcuts, which you cannot sell or must obtain pre-approval to sell them, such as hand sanitizers and masks.​ 

Safety Complaint Suspensions

If a customer complains about the safety of your product, you can lose the listing or your account can be suspended. Let’s fight it together.

Sales Rank Manipulations

Have you recently priced items low to capture the buy box and then put the prices back up after you captured it? You probably got suspended and need our help.

Variation Abuse Appeals

Amazon is very strict on creating variations of parent and child listings, and it is generally restricted to color and size variations. We are here to assist you.

Amazon listing hijackers

If Amazon loses or damages your inventory and fails to reimburse you, we can help with an appeal for the reimbursement you are entitled to. 

Restricted Product Suspensions

If you have your listing removed or your account suspended for listing restricted products, we can help reinstate your account. 

Ebay Appeals

Ebay or PayPal suspended your seller account? Reinstate your Ebay Seller Account with a professional, custom appeal and plan of action. Contact us!
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